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Perla dell'Adriatico

Audio guides: a journey around the city​

The Pearl of the Adriatic - Discover one of Italy's most beautiful villages

From this page you can download a series of Mp3 audio tours that guide tourists around the city through twenty main destinations, proceeding from the North Promenade of the Marina (Pericle Fazzini’s sculpture Boy with seagulls, is the symbolic starting point of the walk) up to the old town of Grottammare.

The itinerary is about 2.5 km long. It is therefore advisable to divide it in two distinct parts: the visit of the nineteenth-century center (from track A to track E) and then the visit to the old town (from track G to track U). 

The Church of San Martino is the only stop off the itinerary. In order to facilitate the visit, it is advisable to consult the map of the city (which includes tourist itineraries) downloadable from this site.

About us

Visit Grottammare is a project of the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Grottammare.